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Angela Lane

Talent executive, speaker, and author

Angela Lane

Angela is a senior executive with more than 25 years of experience leading global Human Resource functions.  Angela is an influential HR thinker, producing award-winning strategies in talent management and leadership development. Angela has led transformational change of the talent landscape across a range of Fortune 250 companies, by equipping leaders with practical tools, steeped in the science of high performance.  Her recent book, ‘FairTalk: Three Steps to Powerful Feedback,’ provides an accessible framework to enable leaders to drive performance through feedback.

Angela is currently Vice President of Talent at AbbVie Inc., a Fortune 100 company. In this role Angela built AbbVie’s talent strategy; defining the philosophy and practices needed to create an end-to-end talent system, integrating talent acquisition, talent management, learning and development, succession planning and more to provide a “Talent Engine”.


Prior to AbbVie, Angela has lived, studied, and worked around the globe: a native Australian, currently residing in the United States by way of Europe.


Angela has a degree in Economics as well as post graduate studies in industrial relations and industrial law from La Trobe University, and an MBA from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and was awarded the 2017 Distinguished Executive Award for the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.


Angela is Chair of Talent for the Center for Executive Succession at the University of South Carolina, and a member of the board for the Riegel and Emory Human Resources Research Center.  She is a Director for the Center for Feedback Culture, Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam.

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