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In a world of increasing complexity and speed, agile organizations rely on open communication to thrive. Yet leaders find it difficult to give team members the feedback they need to perform. Bringing together science and real-world experience, the authors cut through the complexity of human behaviour and introduce FairTalk.

This practical methodology equips leaders with the ability to accurately assess barriers to performance and provides a simple three-step model for giving fair, focused and credible feedback. Readers will also learn how to build a culture of feedback in their teams by applying insightful diagnostic tools and straightforward, proven solutions.


Easy-to-read and authoritative, FairTalk makes giving feedback and building a feedback culture simple and achievable.

"FairTalk offers leaders straight talk on how to open up communication on their teams, improving not only individual performance but creating a culture where feedback is an essential building block for success."

Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer, Accenture

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