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Culture Edge

Culture Edge is amplifying your impact. As a leader, you impact the behaviors of people around you. That’s culture. Your opportunity is to be intentional in creating and sustaining the culture you need for high performance.

Our model of culture will guide your  thinking


Leadership defines the values, sets the vision, and charts the direction which will achieve both.  Leadership guides the expectations that govern others, and the right leadership can provide your Culture Edge.

Structure & Organization

Structure & Organization concern how units of work are arranged. It includes the formal organizational hierarchy, but also how teams are structured. This includes the relationships or boundaries between different functions or teams. This can also include informal structures and relationships. These are all boundaries, and how they are arranged and managed, contributes to your Culture Edge.

Policy & Process

Policy & Process set out what should happen. Policy determines what you expect.  And good policy should be supported by strong processes, which ensure that the expectations happen without variation in approach, and to a standard of quality.  In short, these are the rules of the road.  And rules, intentionally applied, support your Culture Edge.

Change Management

Change Management concerns the mechanisms by which you deliberately support others to successfully embrace the changes you need. It includes what you do to make change happen more readily, while ensuring it is sustainable. The environment is dynamic, and successfully managing what is dynamic, while minimum disruption, provides a Culture Edge.

Metrics & Measures

Metrics & Measures consist of all the feedback loops you will create.  If policy sets your expectations, and processes support its execution, metrics and measures are what deliver accountability; they signal what matters, support what gets rewarded and act as a catalyst to what gets improved, all in support of a Culture Edge.

Technology & Tools

Technology & Tools describe that array of resources that support you as you go about getting your work done. They can be sophisticated, or simple; hard to work with or easy to use.  How you, and others, interact with the technology and tools in place can support, or hinder, your Culture Edge.

Competency & Skills

Competency & Skills concern the collective capabilities that you expect of others, and build in your team. They change a team’s capacity, effectiveness and efficiency. When deeply integrated, select competencies become the hallmarks of the organization or team.  Selecting and building the right competencies and skills can create the potential for your Culture Edge.

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