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Commit to Better

We don’t need to be perfect. We never will. But we can be better.

Individually, we define “better” differently. Faster, stronger, punctual, fairer, kinder, more generous, less self-centered… pick the one that matters to you most and choose to get better.

Some don’t know they have a problem. Some know they have it but don’t think they can improve. Some know they have a problem, know they can improve but just don’t care.

Whatever the reason, meaningful change is more likely to happen and stick when we are not doing it alone. Most successful behavior change interventions depend on help from others: examples range from Eliza Doolittle to Alcoholics Anonymous.

It would be pretty amazing if every one of us helped someone else, in some small or big way, to get better.

After all, it’s not that hard. Share a piece of feedback with those who are blind to an improvement opportunity. Help someone sustain a new routine by being an accountability partner. Turn a skeptic into an advocate.

And then, someone…somewhere… will make someone else better too. And if that someone leads a team or influences a community, the effect multiplies.

But the path to better starts with self. Commit to better.

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